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What a Patient Must Do Before a Lasik Dallas Examination

Date Added: December 22, 2011 10:30:28 AM
Author: Tylock
Category: Health
One of the main reasons why an individual has to be examined by a surgeon before an eye surgery is to establish whether the individual is truly perfect for the surgery or not.  It does not matter whether an individual has been diagnosed before of having an eye condition. Even if the person is already wearing corrective lenses, the person’s eyes will still have to be checked. Before a Lasik Dallas surgeon conducts an eye check up, the potential patient will be advised to do certain things. These are the actions that an individual must take before the examination so that it is possible to have the correct diagnosis.

For an eye surgeon to make the right observation an individual who has been wearing corrective lenses before will have to stop wearing them. After the first consultation with the surgeon, the person seeking this kind of treatment will often be advised to cease wearing the lenses for a certain period of time. The specialist will also give the potential patient instructions on what to do before the day of the examination.

There are two kinds of guidelines commonly offered by Lasik Fort Worth surgeons.  First, if an individual is wearing soft contact lenses, he or she will be asked to stop wearing them about seven days to the examination or the procedure. The second condition is that an individual with hard contact lenses, on the other hand, has to discontinue from wearing these lenses 21 days prior to the examination and treatment. All these precautions are being made to make it easy to have a correct diagnosis and treatment of an individual’s eye condition.

Tylock is author of this article on lasik Fort Worth. Find more information about lasik Dallas.


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